About us

FALLE is start up E-Commerce brand based in Germany oriented to provide functional sport accessories for women. All our products are designed to be used to their full potential and to be as easy to handle as possible. On our online-shop you can find fitness bags, resistance bands, motivation bracelets, etc.

Our vision

Our vision is to encourage women instead of setting short-term goals like bigger abs, a few inches less at the waist or bigger buttocks, to focus on a long-term goals, which are to enjoy working out, be consistent and become an athlete.

On our social media platforms, we bring out the best content every day to motivate our women to keep going and to do their best.

We want every woman to feel and look better while walking, running, cycling, doing fitness, yoga, or other sport activities.

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Social engagement

We are aware that not every woman around the world is allowed to be athlete. Many girls are denied by birth the equal rights as boys. Our brand is socially engaged to support their access to health, education, social participation and protection against sexual violence and exploitation.

We donate 1 from each purchase to Plan International organisation. Therefore, purchasing our products, you also support these girls and young women and we are extremely grateful to you for that!

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As we care for our women and girls, so do we care for our planet. We make sure to use sustainable materials that are produced in factories providing safe and fair working conditions. All our products, as well as packaging material can be recycled if they are no longer in use. If you need any help with recycling instructions, feel free to use our contact form and we will be happy to provide you with more information.