Leg bag

Leg Bag


Functional, Small, Light, Water Resistance


FALLE Leg Bag provides perfect space for all small essentials you need during your workout. Stash in it your phone, cards, keys, or hair ties for easy access during your sport routine. You can pass your headphones through the special outlet without fear to get them tangled.

Small design, extremely light and water resistance material makes it functional for many kinds of sport activities. Adjustable waist and leg straps enable suitability for all body shapes without movement restriction.

FALLE Leg Bag is intended only for girls brave enough to look hot while working out.

You ready to do and look your best?!

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Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 cm

Wasserbeständiges Polyamid




Hüftriemen verstellbar auf maximal 100 cm,
Beinriemen verstellbar auf max. 80 cm

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