Resistance Band

Athlete Resistance Band


4 Sizes Adjustable, Quick hook, Non-Rolling, Non-Slipping, High Resistance


FALLE Athlete Adjustable Resistance Band is specially designed to provide the best possible functionality and ease of handling during the workout. Whether to activate your muscles in the gym or to hit your glutes, legs and hamstrings at home, very strong aluminium alloy hook allows easy adjustment to 4 different lengths, and thus a variety of workouts to be performed.

Using the accompanying mesh bag, you can simply take your Resistance Band everywhere with you.

Wide, non-slippery and tear-proof fabric material will save you frustration of rubbing, rolling, or penetrating the skin.

High quality design makes it eye catching for everyone around you.

You ready to do and look your best?!
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Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 9 × 85 cm

Baumwolle, Latexseide,
Schnalle aus Aluminiumlegierung




Widerstand und Länge verstellbar

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